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REITs Outlook: Pro Forecasts, Strategies and Picks for 2024 with The Financial Coconut


Are you feeling rattled by the turmoil in the REIT market? Tired of seeing red in your portfolio? Tune in to The Financial Conconut YouTube channel for a dose of perspective and wisdom to help you ride out the volatility.

In a free-flowing conversation, Kenny Loh pulls back the curtain on what's really driving the downturn and sorting the short-term noise from long-term fundamentals.

You'll gain insights into subsector performances, management strategies for navigating macro challenges and risks to watch when venturing overseas. Kenny also calls out underperformers who may not make the cut.

Most importantly, Kenny shares time-tested principles for maintaining calm amid chaos - from the importance of diversification to focusing on quality.

Don't miss this chance to look past the panic and see the hidden values and opportunities others are missing. It just may be the reassurance your portfolio needs.

Building a Strong Knowledge Foundation

Building a strong REIT foundation is essential before starting the journey into REIT to avoid mistakes.

You may find the SGX course "Building a Diversified REIT Portfolio" to be of great interest as it can kickstart your journey into the world of REITs.

SGX REITs Course - 18 and 25 Nov 2023

Building a Diversified REIT Portfolio
by Kenny Loh

Guest Speakers: 
Cecilia Tan, CEO, Sasseur REIT
Han Khim Siew, CEO, OUE Commercial REIT

Limited Seats Only!

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