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Recap 2023 S-REITs Performance

2023 proved a rollercoaster for S-REITs, starting shaky amid rising interest rates throughout the year and stuck in a tight range between 5.25% and 5.5%. The pandemic's lingering shadows and global economic uncertainties didn't help, casting a pall over investor confidence.

Fortunately, in the December FOMC meeting, the Fed signalled the pause of the Fed Fund Rate and also the potential for 3 rate cuts in 2024, sending the share prices of most S-REITs soaring and spelling the possibility of investing in S-REITs again after the 3 years pandemic rout.

52.6% (20 out of 38) of REITs achieved positive total returns, including dividends. That's a solid signal that resilience is brewing beneath the surface.

So, what does this mean for 2024? Is it time to dust off your S-REIT investment plans and dive back in?

With the potential for lower interest rates on the horizon, S-REITs could find themselves back in the spotlight. Lower borrowing costs make it easier for them to acquire new properties, improve existing ones, and ultimately, boost those juicy dividends that investors crave. This, in turn, could attract more capital, propelling share prices further upwards.

Of course, the road ahead isn't without its twists and turns. Inflation remains a concern, and geopolitical tensions could throw a wrench in the global economic gears. But here's the thing: 2023 showed us that S-REITs are a resilient bunch. They've weathered the pandemic storm, and they're ready to face whatever 2024 throws their way.



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